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A new infectious disease response centre to keep Victorians healthy and safe

The Victorian Liberal Nationals will act to keep Victoria open and safe from future pandemics by building Australia’s first dedicated infectious disease response centre.

State Liberal Member for Eildon, Cindy McLeish said after Victorian’s have suffered the world’s longest lockdown, most days of school closures and highest number of job losses in the nation, we need a plan to manage future pandemics and infectious diseases.

Ms McLeish said, “Over the last 18 months, every Victorian has paid the price of decades of underinvestment in our health system by Labor governments.”

“Victorian’s need a comprehensive healthcare system to contain future infectious diseases so we can recover and rebuild in confidence.”

Therefore, a future Matthew Guy led Liberal Nationals Government will deliver up to $400 million to:

  • Fund the delivery of up to 100 new negative pressure beds to be deployed across the state – including 50 permanent beds at the new infectious disease response centre;

  • Train an additional 300 specialist nurses to be able to deliver care;

  • Fund the co-location of non-COVID-19 infectious diseases at the new facility and;

  • Establish an advisory panel made up of experts to direct on the best location, scale and format for the centre.

This new facility will give Victorians the peace of mind to start a business, a family, buy a home or get involved with the local community without the spectre of future lockdowns.

Ms McLeish continues, “We must learn the lessons of Labor’s failed COVID-19 response and ensure we are prepared to keep our state healthy, safe and open.”

Leader of the Opposition, Matthew Guy said, “Instead of relying on harsh lockdowns, our plan will help keep Victoria safe and open.”

“We can’t afford to have our lives put on hold by a future pandemic. We need a new way forward to manage infectious diseases whilst getting on with life.

“Our new plan means peace of mind for Victorians who just want to recover and rebuild with confidence.”


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