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McLeish calls for sporting club licensed premises to reopen

State Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish is advocating for sporting clubs to open their licensed premises so members and supporters can enjoy a social drink before and after the game and training.

In Parliament, Ms McLeish called on the Minister for Community Sport to pursue this request to allow smaller sporting clubs that don’t serve meals

to open their bars.

Ms McLeish said, “Some smaller sporting clubs do not offer meals or food to accompany beverages, they simply don’t have that option or the facilities.”

“It is the bar and drink sales that maintain these small income streams and help keep them viable. Without it, they are missing out on essential income.”

Sporting clubs have struggled as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions and unfortunately smaller clubs that cannot open their primary income source will continue to financially suffer.

Re-opening sporting clubs licensed premises is not only good for the club’s viability, it is good for the mental health of its members. This can easily be achieved while responsibly following social distancing.

Ms McLeish continues, “A lot of the members of these clubs have not been able to turn up to play their sport, to do what they love to do and to be social with their mates.”

“These clubs just want to open for an hour or two to have a beer, a wine or even a soft drink with members and competitors.”

“We need to think of the social benefits to communities and individuals that these clubs provide, and the companionship of a drink at the end of the day,” Ms McLeish concludes.

Under Parliamentary practise the Minister has 30 days to respond to Ms McLeish’s request.

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