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Warburton Highway in desperate need of repair

State Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish is advocating for safety measures to be implemented at vehicle accident hot spots along Warburton Highway.

Ms McLeish said, “I have been contacted by many locals who have had or witnessed near car accidents or near misses along Warburton Highway.”

“I’m conducting an online survey to find out where the community believe high risk areas are along Warburton Highway and what needs to be done.

“Initial results show 95% of participants want safety measures added along the highway.

Ms McLeish continues, “It’s important to listen to those who use the road on a regular basis and establish multiple safety measures, such as turning lanes and traffic lights, before any more people are seriously injured.”

40% of participants answered they would like to see turning lanes added at various points, one being the intersection of Gembrook-Launching Place Road and Warburton Highway, outside Launch Fresh Fruit & Vegetables.

Owner of Launch Fresh, Anthony Virgona said “We hear concerns about the road every day. There are customers that won’t turn into Gembrook Road for that reason. They find it far too dangerous.”

“I’ve been on VicRoads’ back for years regarding this intersection. They’ve come out here, sat back and watched the intersection but nothing is being done.”

Other high-risk collision areas that were regularly mentioned in the survey answers are at, Sunnyside Road intersection in Seville East and Don Road intersection, opposite The Home Hotel.

“The Upper Yarra community know the danger spots on the road. They know the high-risk areas and have suggested changes to improve safety measures and save lives. It’s important to listen and take action,” Ms McLeish concludes.

To Have Your Say on where danger collision points are on Warburton Highway, visit Cindy’s Facebook page or head to

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