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Forgotten Thornton Primary School falls into disrepair

State Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish is calling for answers about the current state of the forgotten Thornton Primary School as it falls into disrepair.

The site remains in limbo after the school’s closure in 2012 and has since fallen by the wayside. Long grass has taken over the grounds, causing fire hazard concerns for near by residents and families who use the basketball courts and grounds for play and bike riding.

Ms McLeish has written to the Minister serval times, wanting to know what is going on with the site, the status of the land and why there is now a lack of maintenance.

Ms McLeish said, “For years we’ve been told the site is being prepared for sale, yet we are still waiting.”

“In the meantime, the school grounds have become overrun with weeds and long grass, creating an ideal habitat for snakes and a possible fire risk.”

“The lack of maintenance and regular fire ban days are a concerning combination for residents,” Ms McLeish states.

Ms McLeish had written to the Minister in April 2019, seeking answers about sale plans for the land following queries. Ms McLeish was assured in a response received in June 2019, that arrangements for a market valuation of the property were taking place. It was then anticipated that the property would be offered for public sale late 2019.

“The site has been closed for eight years and we are still waiting a notice for public sale, as previously assured would take place late 2019. Unfortunately, we are still waiting.”

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