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Build the Bridge

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish has spoken in parliament about the urgent need to replace the pedestrian bridge demolished by VicRoads at McMahons Creek.

The pedestrian bridge, near the Reefton Hotel was demolished in 2017. Since then, Woods Points Road has become the community crossing point and pedestrians have to walk along the dangerous blind corner in an 80-kilometre-an-hour zone.

Ms McLeish called on the Minister to, “install a new pedestrian bridge at McMahons Creek just south of the iconic Reefton Hotel. The local community want to see this project prioritised for funding.”

“The minister needs to recognise, understand and respect the needs of small communities. Connectedness is so important. It should be easy for children and adults to move around safely. The pedestrian bridge allowed this to happen,” Ms McLeish explains.

Reefton McMahon Creek Action Group (RMAG) have rallied to continue the push for the bridge to be replaced.

Ms McLeish is impressed by RMAG’s work to date, “They are so organised and very focused on a number of community projects, and this is one of their key priorities.”

RMAG have also written to the Department of Transport and relevant Ministers pleading for the bridge to be replaced. The Yarra Ranges Shire continues to support the cause and the project request has gained strong media coverage.

Ms McLeish urges the community, action groups and Yarra Ranges Shire to continue their efforts to raise awareness for the urgency of building the new pedestrian bridge.

“It is something that should be done and needs to be done, and it needs to be done with some urgency,” Ms McLeish concludes.

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