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Sink hole to be sunk

State Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish is pleased to announce that the reoccurring sink hole on Gembrook-Launching Place Road will finally be repaired after years of causing high risk safety issues.

Ms McLeish has written to the Minister for Roads numerous times over two years expressing local concerns and damage occurring to personal property and the street due to the sink hole.

Ms McLeish said, “This sink hole has been an ongoing concern for locals and passers-by since 2016.”

“The sink hole has continuously been filled, yet over the years it has gradually worsened. This is a serious safety issue.”

In 2004, the first sign of a sinkhole was reported along Gembrook-Launching Place Road, in close proximity to the current sink hole. It was filled for a cost of $100,000, now unfortunately the issue has spread.

Ms McLeish continues, “Residents are fearful that it might enlarge and engulf private property and the road, which was a h

uge problem in 2004.”

“Locals have expressed their worry for pedestrians, horse riders and those driving past, in case they are injured.”

Earlier this year, it was reported a vehicle became stuck in the sink hole and the SES had to remove it which took over an hour. VicRoads attended the scene, filling the hole with cement and tar yet it has already reappeared. There is belief that the sink holes are a result from a number of illegal old mine shafts in the area.

The Department of Transport (DoT) have stated they will repair the sink hole and that work is scheduled to be completed late 2020, if the crisis of COVID-19 subsides.

“This is positive news and a relief for Launching Place residents and for all those who use this road,” Ms McLeish concludes.

DoT will continue to inspect the site and mend where necessary until repair works begin.

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