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Lake Eildon left dry for tourism support

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish wants the Minister for Water to finally commit to securing the future of the recreational and tourism industry at Lake Eildon by ensuring adequate resources are made available so that the industry can thrive and build more jobs.

Ms McLeish states, “This is a $500 million industry which currently supports 2500 jobs. It is an incredibly important industry to the region with enormous potential.”

The minister commissioned the strategic advisory panel review of Goulburn-Murray Water, which was handed down over two years ago now. It is very disappointing for the industry that nothing has been done since.

To rub salt in the wound, the restructure at Goulburn-Murray Water now leaves no-one with the skills to work with the Lake Eildon tourism industry to capitalise on economic development and job creation that exist.

Ms McLeish continues, “As nothing has happened for the past two years and there has been no consultation, the tourism industry at Lake Eildon is understandably extremely frustrated.”

“Lake Eildon has so much more to offer in terms of recreational actives, all in one place so close to Melbourne. Towns such as Alexandra, Bonnie Doon and Goughs Bay are reliant on this recreational value to boost their own tourism and businesses. If Lake Eildon received the support they need, the whole industry and employment could boom.”

“They need the support from the minister,” Ms McLeish concludes.

Bruce Vance from Jerusalem Creek Marina & Holiday Park says, “Lake Eildon has enormous tourism opportunity. It’s so important that the government gets behind the industry so that we can reach our potential. Coordination and management are fundamental to future success.”

Under Parliamentary rules the Minister has 30 days to respond to Ms McLeish’s request.

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