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10 years since Labor’s north-south pipeline disaster failing country farmers

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish recalled the disastrous north-south pipeline project, and the impact it had on farming communities 10 years ago.

Speaking in parliament, Ms McLeish reminded people about Labor’s pointless project, costing the government nearly $1 billion.

Ms McLeish said, “The north–south pipeline stands as a reminder of how city-centric, arrogant Labor governments have little regard or respect for those living in country Victoria. It was 10 years last week since the completion of the almost $1 billion white elephant.”

The local community railed against the proposed plan to send 75 billion litres of water annually to boost Melbourne’s water supply, when only 30 per cent of annual water entitlements were being realised.

“When water is tight in the city, you can bet there will be a drought in the country,” Ms McLeish said.

At the time, local farming communities came together to protest the pipeline, led by Jan Beer, with the mantra ‘Plug the Pipe’. Despite the passive protests, landowners were treated poorly, including being spied on, followed, arrested and escorted off their own property.

“The pipeline was an enormous waste of money and effort,” Ms McLeish concluded.

The north-south pipeline continues to sit dormant and the Minister has stated it will not be used.

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