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Yellingbo Primary School deteriorates awaiting selling assessment

State Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish is pushing for answers about the future of Yellingbo Primary School as it falls into disrepair.

The site remains in limbo after the school’s closure in 2017 due to lack of enrolment for the 2016 school year and has since been neglected and the grounds certainly not maintained.

Ms McLeish put a question to the Minister for Education in September 2019, wanting to know what is going on with the site. The Minister indicated in his response that an assessment of the land will be undertaken to determine what to do with it. To date, it remains unclear whether the site will be sold or be retained by the government for another purpose.

Ms McLeish said, “The site has been closed for three years and we are still no closer to an answer and now it is falling apart.”

“The community is concerned about the school grounds and lack of maintenance it receives while nothing is happening.”

Ms McLeish has since written to the Minister in January 2020, seeking action on the current maintenance neglect the site is now experiencing. The Minister is yet to respond. Ms McLeish had previously been assured the Department of Education and Training would secure and maintain the property until the land was sold, which clearly has not been done.

“It is overrun with weeds and long grass, creating an ideal habitat for snakes and a possible fire risk. It is a true eyesore on an otherwise scenic road,” Ms McLeish states.

“The building has been vandalised on several occasions and surrounding businesses and passers-by are concerned,” Ms McLeish concludes.

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