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Labor leaves local boat users up the creek without a paddle

Lake Eildon boat users are missing out whilst the Andrews Labor Government splashes cash on boating facilities in Melbourne.

It was recently revealed in Parliament’s Public Accounts and Estimate Committee the Labor Government will subsidise launching and parking fees at metropolitan council boat ramps whilst ratepayers in rural councils are forced to foot the bill for local facilities.

State Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish said the Andrews Government would go to any lengths to treat country Victorians as second class citizens.

“The Premier for Melbourne’s Minister for Fishing and Boating is again dishing out unfair treatment to rural Victorians – agreeing to fund metropolitan councils’ boat ramps and adjacent car parks & toilet blocks upkeep and maintenance, but refusing to commit to doing the same for country councils.”

“Recreational fishing and boating not only is a favourite pastime of many people in our community, but also most importantly brings visitors to events and competitions who stay locally and spend locally, keeping our rural communities alive by providing local jobs” Ms McLeish said.

Metropolitan councils, like Frankston, which has two boat ramps and charges fees to cover maintenance will now be subsidised in full by the Labor Government, while rural councils like Mansfield and Murrindindi Shires will be subject to a review.

“There is continued funding uncertainty for boating facilities on Lake Eildon which are managed by Goulburn Murray Water and Local Government. When councils decide to foot the bill for these facilities, all ratepayers are forced to make a contribution, whilst boat users are also getting nothing back for the licence fees they are charged,” Ms McLeish concluded.

“42% of all recreational boating in Victoria happens on inland waters, but the government is only looking after people on Port Phillip.”

“City-centric Labor is happy to guarantee it’ll invest in Melbourne, only to hand our rural communities scraps off the table and refuses to promise support.”

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