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A better and fairer deal for local boaties and recreational fishers

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish MP has announced that an elected Liberal Government will return all proceeds collected from boating fees into improving facilities for the boating community.

“A Liberal Government will provide first-class infrastructure and services for recreational water users like more boat ramps, jetties, navigational lighting as well as onshore facilities such as bigger car parks and cleaning tables,” Ms McLeish said.

Ms McLeish said Victorian boat users pay significant fees to the State Government every year with only a portion of that money invested into better infrastructure and services for water users.

“Boating users raise significant revenue for the Victorian Government through boat licensing and other financial arrangements. In 2016/17 the Andrews Labor Government returned just 11.6 per cent of the $27.7 million annual boating revenue on boating infrastructure.”

“That’s unfair on recreational water users and local tourism operators who rely on top class infrastructure to attract visitors,” Ms McLeish said.

If elected this November, the Liberals will create The Blue Infrastructure Fund with all fees generated from recreational boating being invested into improved infrastructure.

Ms McLeish said the policy is a game changer local industries that rely on tourist dollars generated from visitors to Lake Eildon and the Goulburn River.

“Lake Eildon is valued as Victoria’s premier inland water storage. Increased investment will help to provide world class recreation, tourism and lifestyle opportunities.”

“This is going to protect our unique and much loved environmental asset but also be a boost for tourism income and more local jobs.”

Under the plan, the Victorian Ports Corporation Melbourne (VPCM) will manage marine infrastructure development in the state.

“The VPCM has the appropriate expertise to oversee and coordinate all planning, funding, construction and maintenance of marine infrastructure in Victoria. This is modelled on the NSW system,” Ms McLeish said.

“The Liberals will deliver a fair go for boaties and recreational fishers by making sure their license and other fees are spent on upgrading and building the facilities they deserve.”

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