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Better roads for Barjarg

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish MP has called for safety improvements on the Midland Link Highway between Maindample and Barjarg.

Speaking in Parliament on the Transport Legislation Amendment (Better Roads Victoria and Other Amendments) Bill, Ms McLeish referred to a letter sent to her by the Barjarg Community Group calling for road upgrades.

“The letter talks about the fact that the drainage on the side of the road is within 1 metre of the bitumen and that there have been accidents there where people have driven into the drains.”

“It is a heavily timbered area and there is a lot of slow-moving agricultural machinery there, and the graders on the road are being overtaken. There have been quite a number of accidents,” Ms McLeish said.

Ms McLeish said she supported Barjarg Community Group’s ideas about improving the Midland Link Highway and the potential for extra passing lanes.

“The group think there are a number of simple things that can be done to address this section of road. They also think there is a desperate need — and I agree with this because a lot of people have raised it — for an extra passing lane similar to the one at Merton to provide an easier opportunity for overtaking,” Ms McLeish said.

“When you fix country roads you save country lives. That’s why a Liberal Government will bring back the $160 million Country Roads and Bridges Program that was axed by Daniel Andrews,” Ms McLeish concluded.

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