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Massive Boost to Home and Community Care

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish has announced that a Liberal Government will deliver a $175 million expansion of home and community care and support for Victorians with chronic disease and other conditions.

“Many Victorians have to be admitted into a public hospital or have extended stays in hospital due to the limited availability of Hospital in the Home or equivalent care.”

“Hospital in the Home helps patients, who can safely be treated outside hospitals, get back home to their loved ones but with regular visits and support from health care professionals,” Ms McLeish said.

A Liberal Government will provide increased support to help thousands of Victorians with complex health conditions to identify their needs, navigate care choices and get appropriate treatment.

Extra funding for the Hospital in the Home program will support an additional 6,000 patients each year. In summary, the Liberal Policy will establish:

• A ‘Home Hospital’, expanding, by up to the equivalent of 200 acute beds, Hospital in the Home services supporting an additional 6,000 patients each year discharged from emergency departments and wards or referred directly from nursing homes or GPs, who would otherwise be in hospital;

• Home visiting and community support services for up to 5,000 people per year living with multiple chronic diseases to help manage their diseases and prevent or delay hospital readmission;

• Enhanced support for young people with chronic disease transitioning from the Royal Children’s Hospital to adult services;

• New small grants for local chronic disease peer support groups, including online groups; and

• A state-wide plan for chronic disease management including approaches which prevent people from being admitted to hospital

“This policy commitment significantly expands the range of treatment options for Victorians with significant health needs and builds on Liberal Nationals commitments,” Ms McLeish said.

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