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Labor all bark and no bite on wild dog control

Wild dog controllers have been banned from using larger dog control traps due to animal welfare concerns. These traps are used to trap wild dogs that viciously maim, disembowel and kill lambs, calves and native fauna.

When asked about the policy in Parliament, Agriculture Minister Jaala Pulford appeared to have no idea the ban, in place since December 30, had been implemented.

State Liberal Member for Eildon said the ban was foolish and showed the government was not interested in helping local farmers.

“Daniel Andrews’ city-centric Labor government is leaving livestock – and farmers’ livelihoods – under threat.”

“It’s no wonder country people feel ignored by Labor when the Agriculture Minister will always go in to bat for the interests of the Greens in Melbourne over our farmers,” Ms McLeish said.

Following the election of the Labor Government in 2014, both the Wild Dog Advisory Committee and successful wild dog bounty were removed. 12 months later the government back flipped reinstating the program.

“High country farmers and communities are beyond frustrated at Labor’s lack of interest and lack of leadership on wild dog control.”

“If the Premier won’t stand up for farmers and rural communities, the Liberals will,” Ms McLeish concluded.

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