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Locked out and forgotten - Badger Weir is still off limits

Badger Weir Picnic Ground will remain closed to the public with tender for reconstruction not expected to be approved until the middle of this year.

The revelations come after State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish MP requested information about the park’s reopening from the Minister for Environment.

Ms McLeish wrote to the Government at the beginning of February asking what works had been undertaken to rehabilitate the park since its closure following storm damage sustained in October 2016.

In a response sent nearly two months later, the Minister said that tender for construction had not yet been opened.

“Parks Victoria aims to open tender for construction before mid-2018, with a view to reopen the picnic ground later in the year,” the Minister said.

Ms McLeish said the Yarra Valley community was very disappointed by the lack of action and lack of communication from the government.

“Badger Weir is a special place for locals and for visitors to get out and enjoy our beautiful natural environment. I have been contacted by many people who are very concerned that after 550 days since its closure, the park is still off limits and that the government has given no indication of when they expect it to be open.”

“After writing to the Minister for the second time, I've had to wait two months for a response to say the park is not expected to be reopened until the end of the year,” Ms McLeish said. “It’s the government’s responsibility to maintain and repair community assets in a timely manner, and to keep the community informed about the progress.” “The last update to the community about the cleanup process was in August last year. This lack of communication and lack of action is not good enough - It's little wonder Yarra Valley locals feel forgotten by Daniel Andrews and his government”, Ms McLeish concluded.

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