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About time for Woods Point Road repairs

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish MP has announced that works to repair the surface of Mansfield-Woods Point Road are expected to begin in March and April.

“I am pleased to see the lobbying by the community has paid off with VicRoads set to begin works very soon,” Ms McLeish said.

In January Ms McLeish wrote to the Minister for Roads advising the government about the community’s road safety concerns and calling for immediate works to take place.

“The Mansfield-Woods Point Road is the only road for access for communities along it and locals believe a lack of planning and investment has resulted in the poor conditions and road surface,” Ms McLeish said.

The Minister responded in March saying that works would be undertaken over the coming months.

“I understand that VicRoads has scheduled repair works along Mansfield-Woods Point Road during March and April 2018, after which VicRoads will remove the temporary speed limits,” the Minister said.

Ms McLeish said the state of major roads across country Victoria was appalling and was the result of ongoing neglect by the Andrews Labor Government.

“The Andrews Government has cut the road asset management budget by ten per cent and cut the Country Roads & Bridges program.”

“This government doesn’t seem to realise that whilst it is building new roads across Melbourne’s western suburbs, roads in the country require ongoing and regular maintenance.”

Ms McLeish said she was concerned that despite assurances by the government that the road will be fixed, works may not be completed in a timely manner.

“Over and over again this government promises to fix our roads but then waits and waits to do so. In that time the road surface deteriorates further, whilst wet weather undoes any work completed.”

“I’ll continue to place pressure on the government to ensure our roads and safe and when they do fall apart, immediate action is taken to motorists safe,” Ms McLeish concluded.

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