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Wire rope barriers need a rethink

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish MP has called for an immediate halt to the Victorian Government’s roll out of wire rope barriers along country roads.

Speaking in the Victorian Parliament Ms McLeish said the government’s rollout of wire rope barriers needed to be re-evaluated following complaints from motorists and emergency services volunteers.

“I urge the government to halt, review and evaluate the rollout of the wire rope barrier project. The fact that the government has launched a far-reaching media campaign suggests that they know that there are concerns and angst within the communities about the barriers and their effect locally on communities and road users,” Ms McLeish said.

“Constituents tell me they are not opposed to the barriers per se but more to the mass rollout, which appears to be non-strategic and in spots that are not dangerous. This is seen as very wasteful.”

Ms McLeish joined a number of Coalition MPs who raised similar complaints with the government in the parliament this week.

“The government’s rollout of these barriers are affecting motorists on roads across country Victoria. In many instances the barriers are placed in locations that do not allow cars to safely pull off the road or block access for CFA volunteers to fight fires.”

Last week State Member for Ripon Louse Staley shared a photo of recent works in her electorate which showed wire rope barriers were being installed outside VicRoads guidelines.

The photo shows a car unable to pull off the carriageway because barriers had been installed one metre from the outside line.

Under VicRoads guidelines, wire rope barriers are meant to be located four or more metres from the carriage way to allow for vehicles to pull over in an emergency.

“Instead of wasting money on wire rope barriers which will have to be ripped up at a later date, the Andrews Government should get to work and fix the surface on countless country roads as a priority,” Ms McLeish concluded.

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