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Regional communities to host Parliament under Liberal Nationals

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish MP has announced that a Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will bring back regional sittings of parliament if it is elected this November.

“You can’t fix country Victoria’s problems just sitting behind a desk in Spring Street. Labor scrapped Regional Parliament, the Liberal Nationals will bring it back,” Ms McLeish said.

The Liberal Nationals commitment would see two regional sittings of each chamber held in the next term of government in Mildura, Warrnambool, the Latrobe Valley and Shepparton.

Ms McLeish said a regional sitting in Shepparton would be a perfect opportunity to highlight issues important to communities connected to the Goulburn River and she looked forward to seeing other towns in the region being considered in the future.

“Since 2001 many Victorian communities have hosted regional sittings. We want the Regional Sittings to become a fixture again and communities across North East Victoria would certainly be under consideration as future destinations.”

“Under Daniel Andrews if you don’t live in Melbourne, Bendigo, Ballarat or Geelong you just don’t seem to matter. That’s why we need a government and a Parliament that works in the interest of all Victorians, no matter how big or small the town they live and work in,” Ms McLeish concluded.

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