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Parliamentary inquiry into country roads

A parliamentary inquiry into VicRoads’ management of country roads is inviting public submissions.

State Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish MP said the inquiry presents a great opportunity for local residents to share their concerns about the state of country roads.

“It’s important that local residents speak up about their experiences on our roads. Safe and reliable roads are so important because at the end of the day, country people die on country roads.”

The Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee is examining a number of issues as part of its inquiry, including VicRoads’ effectiveness, the existing funding model and lack of consultation with regional communities.

In addition, the Committee is looking into the option of creating a specific Country Roads organisation and a separate Metropolitan Roads body.

Ms McLeish said she often received complaints about the condition of local roads and highways.

“Every second letter sent from my office is addressed to the Minister for Roads after constituents come to me concerned with the state of our roads.”

“It is no surprise given Labor has cut 10 per cent from the road asset management budget and scrapped the Coalition’s $160 million Country Roads and Bridges program,” Ms McLeish said.

Public submissions to the inquiry are welcome until 15 January 2018 and residents seeking to make a submission should contact Ms McLeish’s office on 9730 1066.

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