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Daniel Andrews: tax more, give less

Daniel Andrews is taxing regional Victorians more, but giving us less.

Before the last election, Daniel Andrews promised Victorians he

would not introduce any new taxes or increase taxes.

Since then however, Daniel Andrews has increased taxes by an average of $2,000 for every Victorian household.

New taxes include an increase to the Fire Services Property Levy, increased taxes on purchasing new cars, additional land taxes and stamp duties for property transfers.

Despite this tax hike, there is no new capital investment for country hospitals, new police stations or additional police officers locally.

The Country Roads and Bridges Program still hasn’t been restored despite the appalling state of our local roads.

What’s more, too many of our country schools will again miss out on desperately needed upgrade funding.

Farmers will be appalled to see Labor has slashed $32 million out of the Agriculture budget. Fears that Agriculture would be swallowed up within the super department look to be true, as no amount of Labor spin can hide this drop in spending.

Daniel Andrews is not only the highest taxing Premier in Victoria’s history, he’s the highest taxing Premier in Australia. And in spite of being the highest taxing state, with a $10 billion windfall from the Port of Melbourne lease, debt has risen sharply.

While regional Victorians are struggling with cost of living pressures Daniel Andrews’ budget is taxing them more so he can spend on marginal seats in Melbourne.

This budget is all about Daniel Andrews’ political interests, not the interests of Victorians who just want to be able to pay their bills and know their families are safe.

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