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New push for second half of funding for Mansfield Secondary

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish MP has called on the Andrews Labor government to complete Stage 2 of upgrades for Mansfield Secondary College.

“Mansfield had a big win last year when the Government announced $3 million in the State Budget to upgrade the school. But the job is only half way completed.”

“The Andrews government’s refusal to fund the full cost of the project is leaving the Mansfield community in limbo. I will continue to advocate for the $6 million needed for the project,” Ms McLeish said.

Speaking in the Victorian Parliament Ms McLeish said that releasing funds for stage 2 works would help minimise disruption and cater for growth.

“It is so important that stage 2 does not get left behind. It makes complete sense to be able to dovetail it straight into the completion of stage 1 so that disruptions to the students and the staff at that school are minimised.”

“Mansfield is in a growth phase. It has many young families. The council is considering long-term planning to accommodate this growth. Obviously an increase in growth will require a corresponding increase in services and facilities. The numbers at the primary school are growing, and it will not be long before these students are at the secondary school,” Ms McLeish said.

“Stage 2 includes building a gymnasium, among other things, which is very much needed. There is a basketball stadium in town, but it is not close to the school. The school assemblies are held at the Mansfield Performing Arts Centre adjoining the school, and two assemblies are required as there is no facility to accommodate all the students at once.”

“The School council and the entire Mansfield community should be commended for their work in trying to get this funding. I am very proud to have been able to advocate for this project since the Coalition’s original commitment to fund upgrades to the school at the 2014 election,” Ms McLeish concluded.

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