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CFA numbers down

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish MP has raised concerns about community safety following a reduction in CFA volunteers across Victoria.

“Because of Daniel Andrews’ war on volunteers, Victoria has less firefighters ready to go out and protect lives and property.”

“It is little wonder that volunteers are leaving the service when they feel so disrespected by this government,” Ms McLeish said.

A Productivity Commission Report on Government Services has revealed that the number of CFA volunteers in Victoria has dropped significantly under Daniel Andrews.

The report shows that since Daniel Andrews and the UFU started their war on the CFA, the number of operational volunteer firefighters has plunged 6.9% from 38,048 in June 2014 to 35,585 in June 2016.

The Productivity Commission also found that the Andrews Labor Government has cut funding for the State Emergency Service (SES) by more than $1.25 million.

“Volunteers are critical to Victoria’s surge capacity during major bushfires. Without our volunteers, areas prone to major bushfires will be placed in even greater harm’s way.”

The report follows revelations in The Herald Sun that the Andrews Labor Government is secretly devising a plan to divide Victoria’s fire services into volunteer and career forces.

“Daniel Andrews’ plan to break up the CFA would make a complete mess of our volunteers services, especially in outer metropolitan areas serviced by CFA.”

Ms McLeish concluded saying, “in rural communities, we respect our CFA volunteers. Daniel Andrews should do the same.”

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