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Happy ‘new taxes and charges’

State Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish MP has blasted the Andrews Labor government for burdening Victorians with increased taxes and charges in 2017.

“Right off the back of the holidays, Daniel Andrews is slogging Victorians with increased taxes and charges, raising the cost of living and making it harder for families and small businesses to get by,” Ms McLeish said.

January 2017 marks not only a new year but a range of new Labor taxes and charges on Victorian households.

“From 1 January, Victorians can expect to pay an extra $300 per household for gas and electricity. This rise is largely due to the impending closure of Hazelwood power station, caused by Labor’s 300 per cent increase in coal charges,” Ms McLeish said.

Business users of gas and electricity will pay much more, putting greater pressure on small business and manufacturing.

In 2017, Victorians will pay more than an extra $27 million on their water bills due to an unnecessary water order from Labor’s white elephant desalination plant. This is on top of the nearly $700 million annual cost of just operating the plant. As it turns out, the desal plant doesn’t even work yet Victorians still have to pay.

Public transport users will be slugged an extra $78 on annual fares, while a range of other fees, levies and charges have increased.

Land taxes surcharges on certain properties will also triple from 0.5% to 1.5%.

“Since coming to office Labor has increased state taxes by $3.7 billion; an increase of 20 per cent. State taxes are now equivalent to 5.5% of our economy; up from 4.8% since the election,” Ms McLeish said.

“Daniel Andrews runs the highest taxing government in Victorian history, yet basic services and infrastructure are deteriorating,” Ms McLeish concluded.

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