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Labor’s south-north pipe

State Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish MP has slammed a recent Labor government proposal to reverse the north-south pipeline calling it another costly white elephant.

“Labor’s fascination with costly white elephant water projects is beyond the pale. Victorian’s pay for this and sadly we never see a drop of water delivered,” Ms McLeish said.

The government report has found reversing the north-south pipeline would cost $277m and require a new pipeline going either under or over the Yarra River.

It also found there were no clear environmental benefits to reversing the pipeline and the cost of water in the Goulburn system would need to reach $1350/ML for the project to be economically viable. This is well above historic levels.

“People in our region are sick to death of Labor messing with their lives and their livelihoods. We don’t want to be forced to pay for more pumps and pipes that deliver water above the cost of production,” Ms McLeish said.

“Daniel Andrews and Labor should start showing some respect for the people in the Goulburn catchment.”

Ms McLeish concluded saying, “Minister for Water Lisa Neville should spend more time working with our community to overcome the problems with the Murray Darling Basin Plan rather than wasting time on pipe dreams.”

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