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Cindy goes back to school

State Liberal Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish MP went back to school this week to take the reigns as Principal For A Day at Millwara and Warburton Primary Schools.

“It’s great to participate in Principal For A Day and get a first-hand look at how our schools are making a difference in the lives of their students,” Ms McLeish said.

As Principal For A Day, Ms McLeish joined more than 150 community leaders from government, business and the philanthropic and not-for-profit sectors who worked with a Victorian Principal this week.

Ms McLeish said she participates in the program every year spending time in different schools throughout the Eildon electorate.

“This year I was delighted to spend time in two schools after being invited by the teachers to see the work they do, the challenges and opportunities facing their schools,” Ms McLeish said.

The principal for a day ‘shadows’ the school principal, and participates in normal day-to-day activities in a primary, special or secondary school. The principal and the principal for a day discuss the challenges and current issues each is facing in their leadership role. Other activities on the day usually include a tour of the school buildings and site; discussions with students and teachers.

The Principal For A Day program gives business and community leaders a first-hand, behind-the-scenes experience of the strengths and challenges facing Victoria’s government schools, and provides school principals with an opportunity to compare management and leadership perspectives.

Ms McLeish concluded saying, “I appreciate being able to interact directly with staff and students throughout the course of a normal school day. It provides me and other decision makers an important insight into what is happening in our schools.”

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