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Minister fails to commit to Mansfield Ambulance station

Photo: North East Media

State Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish MP has slammed the Andrews Labor government for failing to commit to a new ambulance station for Mansfield.

“It is clear that Mansfield needs a new ambulance station. Once again Daniel Andrew’s city centric government has failed the test when it comes to delivering for Mansfield,” Ms McLeish said.

Speaking to the Victorian Parliament in May, Ms McLeish called on the Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Jill Henessy to fund a new ambulance station under the government’s $20 million fund to upgrade and replace outdated facilities.

“The ambulance station in Mansfield is outdated and outmoded. In recognising this, prior to the 2014 election the Coalition promised $1.8 million for a new ambulance station to be purpose-built on a new site in order to accommodate the existing 24-hour service as well as providing a new mobile intensive care ambulance (MICA) single-responder unit,” Ms McLeish said.

“In her response the Minister resorted to cheap political point scoring, rather than proposing a pathway for construction of a new facility. This attitude to such an important issue for Mansfield is a slap in the face for our community,” Ms McLeish said.

Under Parliament’s rules, government Ministers have 30 days to respond to questions asked by other MPs.

“It is very disappointing to have the Minister take two months to respond to the community’s request. This only further proves Labor have no plans for the growth of Mansfield and the services that locals require,” Ms McLeish said.

Ms McLeish concluded saying, “I am very proud that the former Coalition government committed to a better ambulance service in Mansfield and I will continue this advocacy to convince Labor it must change its mind and deliver.”

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