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Tell Daniel Andrews – hands off the CFA!

State Member for Eildon Cindy McLeish is drumming up support for a petition calling on the Andrews Labor government to leave the Country Fire Authority in the hands of volunteers and not the United Firefighters Union.

“Victoria relies on volunteer firefighters to protect them and their communities when they are at their most vulnerable. That’s why as Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Communities and Volunteers I will be campaigning locally to tell Daniel Andrews – hands off the CFA!”

Ms McLeish said the UFU is demanding a new enterprise agreement for firefighters include a union run veto board, effectively handing control of the CFA to the union.

“The CFA Board, CEO, Chief and Volunteers have been ignored in their protests against an EBA that hands control of the CFA to the UFU, and it is up to all volunteers and their communities to stop it.”

“Over the coming months I will be in towns across the electorate asking local residents to support our volunteer firefighters. Details about when and where I am campaigning will be announced on Facebook and my website,” Ms McLeish concluded.

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