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Wheels fall off Warburton Mountain Bike Hub under Labor

Locals in the Upper Yarra should be bitterly disappointed that the Andrews Labor government has squandered yet another opportunity to boost much needed jobs by supporting the Warburton Mountain Bike Hub project under its Interface Growth Fund.

The government’s announcement that it would preference a community hub at Belgrave in the Deputy Premier’s electorate over jobs and investment show Daniel Andrews cares more about politics than jobs in our region.

The project’s feasibility study — supported by the shire council, in partnership with Parks Victoria, Yarra Ranges Mountain Bikers, the Warburton Valley Community Economic Development Association and the Previous Warburton Advancement League — shows that this project is a winner.

It is expected to inject an estimated $23 million into the local economy, creating 175 jobs. An additional 130 000 new visitors are expected to be attracted to Warburton every year.

Businesses in the region need a boost. The Interface Growth Fund provided an avenue for funding to complete this high-priority project, but the Premier and his minister have once again failed to put their support behind this shovel ready project and local jobs.

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