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$10 million to support Gymnastics Victoria

Gymnastics is one of the most popular sports for Victorian children, but local clubs are struggling under rising rent and costs.

That’s why a Matt Guy Liberals and Nationals Government will invest $10 million into supporting gymnastics at both a local level, and the elite.

Gymnastics Victoria has suffered significant financial pressure due to being forced to waive of club fees during the pandemic, as well as increasing running costs.

Our plan to support gymnastics in Victoria will deliver:

  • a $2 million upgrade of State Gymnastics Centre

  • a $7.75 million fund to support more than 125 clubs with equipment and infrastructure upgrades of up to $200,000

  • a $250,000 to re-establish the gym warriors schools program

Gymnastics plays a vital role in teaching a strong foundation and understanding of movement, physical activity, gross motor skill development, flexibility, agility, coordination, and balance which helps participation and understanding of all sports.

Currently, Gymnastics Victoria has more registered members than ever before, and is increasingly popular with young girls. More than 84% of participants under twelve are female.

Shadow Minister for Sport, Cindy McLeish, said the Liberals and Nationals want to ensure all Victorian children have the opportunity to establish the essential foundational skills and confidence for local sport.

“I’m proud to deliver a commitment which will support tens of thousands of students to continue with the sport they know and love,” Ms McLeish said.

“By putting money back in to local clubs, and redeveloping the state centre, Victoria can continue to be a vibrant hub for gymnastics for years to come.”

Gymnastics Victoria Chief Executive Officer, Robin O’Neill. said research presents that children that participate in gymnastics have three times greater personal confidence to participate in sport.

“Every new or refreshed member club means an extra thousand Victorian children will gain the foundation skills and confidence to engage in a lifetime of sport and physical activity. We’re thrilled to see commitments to gymnastics. The future is bright.”


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